Euronymus Dax

Big, tough and "ard".  An ex-Ground Assault marine.  To most peoples consternation far, far more intelligent than he looks.


Euronymous Dax may be relatively un-educated, but never underestimate the intelligence of this hardened soldier.  Many have, and you note that he is still alive and they probably aren’t.

“Eury” for short to his friends spent a life as a frontline drop trooper and ground assault marine.  That’s all he knew until he got crosswise of one bad commander and ended up beached, but hey, them’s the breaks.  Contacts from the work got him back intouch with civilian street and he now works as ship’s security aboard the IMS El Dorado, and enforcer and bodyguard to Bip P when he goes off the beaten track in his wheeling and dealing.

Euronymus Dax

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