Nate Atkinson

Pirate-Ninja with poor mental health.


Name: Nate Atkinson Age: 38 Race: Human Homeworld: – (Desert, High Population) Racial Trait: -


Strength- 10 Mod +1

Dexterity- 10 Mod +1

Endurance- 10 Mod +1

Intellect- 13 Mod +2

Education- 12 Mod +2

Social- 6 Mod 0

(Physical characteristic augmentation- Dexterity +1, Endurance +2)

Skills Athletics (Co-ordination)- 1 Carouse- 1 Deception- 1 Drive- 0 Gambler- 1 Gunner (Turret)- 1 Gun Combat (Slug Pistol)- 2 Investigate- 1 Language- 0 Melee (Blades)- 1 Persuade- 1 Recon- 1 Stealth- 1 Survival- 0 Trade- 0

Equipment Binoculars (TL8) (Night vision, Heart beat)

Finances Savings- 13670 Debt- 0 Ship Shares- 4


Heavy Auto Pistol (TL6) Body Pistol (TL8) Katana (TL3) Dagger (TL2) Throwing Steel x6 (TL3)


Nate Atkinson started life on a fairly poor and uncivilised planet so sought a career in piracy. Joining the crew of the Screaming Raven he rose quickly through the ranks gaining respect from his peers, Nate was well known for his care-free nature and his sharp shooting. Aboard the Raven Nate met a fellow pirate called Saria Fey. He and her quickly fell in love and entered a passionate relationship. Nate lived happily aboard the Raven until the Captain of the ship Aaron Harknight heard of his growing popularity. Fearing a mutiny he plotted to kill Nate ordering Nate’s most trusted peer Saria Fey to do the deed. Although Saria would not betray Aaron, she could not bring herself to murder Nate. Instead she slipped a non-fatal amount of poison into his meal. Although Nate did not die from this dosage he was put into a deep coma and all of his hair turned prematurely white but still maintained usual consistency. After this Nate remembers very little up to the point where he awoke twelve years later aboard the El Dorado. He was informed that a man called “Big P” had picked him off a side walk on a shady back alley planet with the intention of selling his organs on the black market. Apparently he had leapt from the third floor of a large corporate building clutching a suitcase which was retrieved by the corporation and he was left for dead. Nate is unsure what happened during the twelve years he was “out” but he has noticed a few strange things- he has been physically enhanced and has developed skills that he never knew he had. He also has what the other members of the crew refer to as “funny turns” were he blacks out and enters what appears to be a combat high. Now Nate is a broken man. He usually looks dishevelled and can often appear uncaring or even uncooperative to the other crew members. His White hair and slightly disturbed nature can be disconcerting to strangers but he can make the effort to be friendly. He has given up on searching for what happened in his twelve year coma but is still very curious about it. Nate now lives and works aboard the El Dorado.

Nate Atkinson

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