Seer Belar

Intrepid (ex)space actor and freelance arceologist.


Aslan, Male, Bengal Tiger fur pigmentation change,


Equipment: Standard clothes, Electric Violin, Archeology book, Advanced Archeology book,

Roles: Actor Archeologist Medic Ship accountant Trader


Agents, I had those damn agents… Never trust one again… They take you under their veiled wing of darkness and steal everything from you, leaving but a broken husk behind.

Having lived my childhood on a Industrial Zero G complex I longed to be on terra firma enjoying the weight of gravity and with the wind blowing through my fur. Excelling in driving the mag and lev transports I gained a need for speed learning the history of automation for my people and from other migrant workers on the complex that was the catalyst for my first career in the Field Sciences. During a eventful archeology dig in the second year I was trapped with my colleagues in a sudden cave in, while engulfed in the debries of a forgotten dig site I sustained a grevious wound to my left arm scaring the flesh and ripping a hole in my chest, I was trapped. Upon later resuce I was charged with the incompetence of causing a cave in due to triggering an ancient trap but during my time in the hospital I questioned the motives of a fellow colleague who had nothing but raw hatred for my race and talents.

The events of the disaster still bore their weight on me and despite the first aid treatment stopping me from dying I had lost the use of my left arm bar the rudimentary functions, I was for all intensive purposes not in the need for a transplat and thusly put on physiothearpy. Opting for one of the more unsual treatments I took up playing a antiquated earthian relic; a electric ‘violin’ I saw while scanning the channels one day. A few months had passed and it turns out I had a natural flair for music and the rigerous playing had helped entertain my fellow bed ridden patients and strengthen the nerves in my left arm.

One fateful evening I was approached by a man who introduced himself as an agent for the entertainment industry. Not knowing the procedures or legal ramifications I took his offer and became a part actor in a small local system film, needing a new job and of course money to pay for my hospital fees, I started my new career in acting! Many years passed and I went from a local films to intergalatic films, my fame was a unstopable landslide and everywhere I went I was recognised for my acting as well as my unusual characteristics for a Aslan, I had taken on the fur pattern of the extinct Bengal Tiger. Turns out that descission and fur replacement was what helped my career no end, that is till I was caught up in a contract battle over the lack of payment from my agent, I had been duped and all the money I had made was taken from me in a legal battle that left me with nothing but the clothes on my back.

This time around, i’ll do what I need to survive and find that agent by any means…

Seer Belar

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