IMS El Dorado

The IMS El Dorado is the Travellers personal starship and home.  She’s a tramp freighter and cargo hauler, based on the the standard Imperial “Far Trader” hull and design.  Small and with reduced cargo space to cope with oversized jump drives, she compensates by being able to reach the parts other tramps can’t, with a Jump2 capability.

She provides the crew with comfortable quarters as long as they clean up, some smuggling capacity and a small mod lets them carry a ships boat (nicknamed the Captains Cutter) brought to the party by the nominal captain, Content Not Found: jim-rayner.

She was bought second hand, in good condition and cheap.  Cheap?  Well she has this “leetle problem”.  The jump drive has never failed catastrophically, but sometimes she just doesn’t jump.  It doesn’t blow your fuel load, but she needs extra coaxing into jump.  No engineer has yet found out why, but all their reports swear there is no danger; really.

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IMS El Dorado

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