Schmetz and Wernecke LIC

Commonly abbreviated to “S&W”, they are the most prestigious manufacturer of personal and light arms in the Imperium.  Not a megacorporation by any means, but far more approachable than Instellarms with retail outlets in many “civilised” systems – as long as you don’t mind the prices.  They specialise in custom high quality weapons, retooling and providing their own brand weaponry. A quote might be…

“This would look wonderful on sir with the Alderac wood tailored grips – the deep purple and gold burr would really emphasise sirs position.  Yes, of course, it would only be ₵200 for the base wood, personalised tooling and fitting ₵400, and the anti perspriation and hi-grip top coat another ₵100, but of course cost is no object where sir must make an impression.”

Famous as suppliers to the Imperial nobility and the royal family there products are superb, but often ridiculously overpriced.  S&W carry both projectile and energy weapons and have manufacture and development facilities in both fields.

S&W are also licenced to provide Imperial weapons registration and certfication.

Schmetz and Wernecke LIC

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