Ship Accounts

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Below is a listing of the recorded transactions for the crew of IMS ElDorado.



  • ‘+’ Positive amount to ship/crew
  • ‘-’ Negative amount to ship/crew
  • KIA Killed In Action
  • TBP To Be Paid (generally when we reach the next stop)


Description Payee Amount Ship Pool
Sold Drugs Ship +90K 90k
Personal Cut Big P -10k 80K


Description Payee Amount Ship Pool
Freight Delivered Ship +55,200 135,200
Transport Fee Atkinson -100 135,100
Fuel Purchased Ship -8k 127,100
Gems Bought Big P -20k (Personal) 127,100
2xDucks Serius -20 (personal) 127,100
Cat Bought Atkinson -10 (personal) 127,100
Baseball Bat Dax -10 (personal) 127,100
Bonus From Forbes Ship 10k (KIA) 127,100
SUV Rental Murdoc -200 126,900


Description Payee Amount Ship Pool
Bail Money Big P -200 (personal) 126,900
Medical Books Serius -100 (perosnal) 126,900
Archeology Books Seer -300 (personal) 126,900
Freight To Ruby Ship +40k TBP
Mail to Ruby Ship 25k 191,900


Description Payee Amount Ship Pool
Gambling Murdoc +400(persnoal) 191,900
Engineering part Ship -2250 189,650
Merc Transport (jewel) Ship +400 190,050
Meal Serius -20(personal) 190,050
Secret Package (jewel) Ship +10k 200,050
Meeting Ship -2500 197,550
Secret Package (jewel) Ship +20k(TBP) 197,550
Freight to Jewel Ship +??? ???
Freight to Mongo Ship +??? +???

Spare Table for Offical Use Only


Description Payee Amount Ship Pool

Ship Accounts

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