On Course to El Dorado

A classic style Traveller campaign, set in the border reaches of the Spinward Marches during the Third Imperium of Man.


A group of individuals from a mix of backgrounds; Imperial Service, business and the dirty streets of a mudball ag planet.  Kept together by friendship and respect developed through contacts over the years and all with a desire to "Travel".  Happier with the freedom afforded by a ship's deck under their feet and the opportunity to be their own masters, earning their own fortunes.

The crew are a disparate bunch who found they got on well together and all had the itch to be independent after years of service or employment by others.  Imperial citizens to a man (or person anyway) they pooled their resources to buy a home and the start of their dreams – a jump capable starship.

Renamed the IMS El Dorado, this old, battered, second hand starship is a standard Jump 2 capable Far Trader.  They got it cheap as the jump drive has a "wobble" ("Nothing dangerous, honest Master Traders sirs.  It's just that some times she may not actually jump without a little coaxing".  The ship was heavily discounted and had a few other advantages the yard agent didn't realise – such as some concealed smuggling space.  The crew under Captain Content Not Found: jim-rayner are just staying ahead of the mortgage payments and hoping to start turning a good profit "real soon".

System and Setting

The game is being run under Mongoose's excellent Traveller re-work and starts in the now classic Spinward Marches setting during the Third Imperium of Man.

All is quiet on the front between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate to Spinward, but ISIS is not so sure – the Zhodani may be up to something, and right on the borders too…

On Course to El Dorado

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